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mewo 😎 41 days ago

i’ve turned 20 so i should start living a good life! (thoughts after spending an entire day rotting in bed)

mewo 🌈 189 days ago

summer holidays !!!! (sitting alone in my room for 4 months)

mewo 😯 189 days ago

bird pooped on the swings again

mewo 💔 216 days ago

birds keep pooping on the swing set near my house so i cant sit on them :(( i miss sitting on swing introspection time

mewo 😶 216 days ago

i feel like I’ve only ever been made friends with but never made friends on my own

mewo 😯 220 days ago

spooked by a dead magpie right in the middle of the path during my walk…. is this a bad omen…….. its head was twisted weirdly……..

mewo 🙂 222 days ago

looked in the mirror today and found it satisfactory. then i looked again and it was not

mewo 😶 244 days ago

it’s a lie in bed doing and feeling nothing til 4pm kind of day

mewo 🍔 246 days ago


mewo 💤 246 days ago

i got a gf… in my dream last night… sigh. she was so awesome i miss her a little bit :(

mewo 🌙 248 days ago

the weather is good these days and the sky gets dark later, I just realised that it’s spring? i survived the seasonal depression guys !!!!:)

mewo 😎 250 days ago

it went ok!!!

mewo 📚 252 days ago

considering kindle

mewo 🙂 255 days ago

lord give me the strength to return the shoes i bought in the wrong size…… fuckfuckfuck im scared to death why am i useless helppp T_T

mewo 🙂 260 days ago

… #emo #feelings #depression #lifeissowhatever

mewo 🍦 266 days ago

note to self; i don’t like lemon flavoured ice cream

mewo 😶 269 days ago

idk how to change this username

mewo 📺 269 days ago

feeling the residue of my 4am emotions, which came at 12 last night

mewo 🙂 275 days ago

it was a nice wednesday:)

mewo 🙂 275 days ago

it was a nice wednesday:)

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