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merumeru 😎 7 days ago

2018 me was so right for grabbing as many old uncommons on chickensmoothie as i could

merumeru ✨ 8 days ago

entering my rabbit era as i metaphorically burrow away for a while

merumeru 🔥 13 days ago

sometimes it's so tempting to become an unabashed fatalist .. though, i know that's illogical

merumeru 🔥 24 days ago

do you ever miss the rage?

merumeru 🐶 29 days ago

i must be useful at all times, yet the flesh vessel limits that

merumeru 🎶 34 days ago

"after i'm gone, you'll know me as the one who holds the key"

merumeru 🌙 44 days ago

it's so over, man

merumeru 🐶 57 days ago

there are way too many people in this house right now