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merumeru đŸ’€ 5 days ago

writing this to remind myself i need a capture card

merumeru đŸŽ· 14 days ago

got so many records today. also listen to hang raiji

merumeru 🌈 16 days ago

finally found an old fansite i was looking for for ages, now to make sure it's preserved (:

merumeru đŸ”„ 20 days ago

never mind we are so back (unclear connotations). got lots of tasks to do

merumeru đŸŽ€ 20 days ago

i have got to stop giving a shit but the compulsions are making it difficult

merumeru 💀 123 days ago

girl i got that triple D special (dismiss, detach, depersonalize)

merumeru ✹ 131 days ago

ok yes osny melo isn't the ekt artist but his discography. what the hell. the cd is in my discogs cart. amazing. i'm losing my mind.

merumeru đŸŒ§ïž 139 days ago

うみăȘおし is the most real song to ever exist

merumeru 🌙 144 days ago

got so many character concepts in my head that i want to draft up

merumeru đŸ’€ 145 days ago

political literacy is dead in the water i think

merumeru đŸŒ§ïž 200 days ago

save me, impulse etsy purchase

merumeru đŸ”„ 241 days ago

hamtaro rainbow rescue USA prototype dumped, superstar saga E3 demo prototype dumped .. what a week

merumeru 🌙 243 days ago

got some discotek blurays again (sherlock hound and detective conan: fist of blue sapphire) but still don't have anything to play them on

merumeru đŸŒ§ïž 249 days ago

i am indeed working on the site but world's been a fuck lately. probably will code a couple landing pages once i'm out of this shitbox

merumeru 😎 280 days ago

2018 me was so right for grabbing as many old uncommons on chickensmoothie as i could

merumeru đŸ”„ 297 days ago

do you ever miss the rage?

merumeru đŸ¶ 331 days ago

there are way too many people in this house right now