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memo 💤 149 days ago

i'm simply spent

memo 💡 162 days ago

It's pretty much cramming time again oh boye!

memo 😶 217 days ago

feelin like a void husk

memo 🌧️ 258 days ago

I hate work bcause it's making me quite anxious about uni stuff (I might not be able to attend all classes)

memo 🙂 278 days ago

breakcore artists should just sample jerma sounds

memo 🙂 280 days ago

I still mishear "I got the horses in the BANK" in that one lil nas song

memo 💀 344 days ago

cramming for exams

memo 🌈 444 days ago

i got some postcrossing mail during the week ! ! I def need to make a section about it on the site

memo 💤 444 days ago

i wanna revamp the website but i can't find the timeeee.... me hates life

memo 🎶 446 days ago

the original hokuto no ken opening is quite corny and yet I would play it at my funeral

memo 😡 462 days ago

dont stop make it pop dj blow my speakers up

memo 🤒 483 days ago

professors decided to put seven tests in a row this week. both my body and brain cannot handle it

memo 💤 498 days ago

yea,,..,., I think I'll try to make my website mobile-responsive in the future, but only because that sounds like a fun challenge.

memo 🙂 500 days ago

My last test went okayish and I now have two whole days where I can just !!! chill

memo 📚 501 days ago

pyon poyn i am STUDYING