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melxncholyman 🎮 5 days ago

got my switch joycon to work again i'm so slay #nonbinariesinstem

melxncholyman 🎲 12 days ago

recently got gifted a blood red wooden angel figurine. immanetize the red era NOW

melxncholyman 💻 13 days ago

DWNfonts 铢钧的字 you will be forever famous for making chinese bitmap fonts <3

melxncholyman 📖 15 days ago

devouring obkk fics at an inebriated speed on ao3

melxncholyman 🍙 16 days ago

after 7 years, the naruto brainrot has returned

melxncholyman ✏️ 37 days ago

working on a speech for debate!!