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Rosie is my name
I'm a queer girl who likes to play games and draw
You can learn more about me in my listography


melancholy ❤️ 4 days ago

mother 3 is one of my favorite games ever now

melancholy ❤️ 13 days ago

starting mother 3 now, i know how the story goes but i’m still excited ❤️

melancholy 🎶 16 days ago

got to get through the week, i want to play mother 3 and finish my yume nikki 20th year anni piece

melancholy 🎶 20 days ago

sorry i barely ever use this website but i beat earthbound like 3 days ago or something and now it's one of my favorite games ever

melancholy 🎮 34 days ago

i've been playing earthbound and it's been really fun, i'm in the winters section but i shouldn't have got all those cookies...

melancholy ✏️ 44 days ago

yume nikki's 20th anniversary is next month...i have to make something... it is a special occasion

melancholy 🌙 45 days ago

finished nostAlgic yesterday, one of my favorite ynfgs again despite it's short-length

melancholy 🎬 51 days ago

I've been watching Ghibli films lately... Ponyo, Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle in that order..they're all really nice films

melancholy 💻 58 days ago

I found out why my images/bg kept breaking, going to be filehosting on now...

melancholy ❤️ 62 days ago

I talk about kirby a lot but it really has made me feel better, now I'm about to play Milky Way Wishes!!!

melancholy ❤️ 69 days ago

i feel very happy now i thank kirby for this it's a series that makes me so happy

melancholy ❤️ 74 days ago

playing kirby super star it is fun sorry kirby is all i am talking about

melancholy ❤️ 77 days ago

i love kirby again but i am also very tired these days ...

melancholy ❤️ 79 days ago

I want to throw magolor against a wall in the most affectionate way ever

melancholy 🎶 81 days ago

been listening to kikuo lately.. can't listen to the same 4 songs though!!! gotta try more sometime

melancholy ✨ 85 days ago

hiiiii everyobe i don't know what to say just Hi

melancholy 🎶 92 days ago

playing kirby and the amazing mirror :) but i gotta do work most importantly ...

melancholy 🌧️ 94 days ago

💧💧💧💧i wish i wasn't this way

melancholy ❤️ 97 days ago

haven't updated in a bit ... several days ago i beat kirby 64 and now it's one of my favorite games ever... i love kirby :)

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