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my names rosie and i am a girl who likes to draw and blog
i like yume nikki and fangames check out my listography to learn more about me


melancholy πŸ₯³ 29 days ago

today's my birthday...!...but it's 12 am... i shouldn't be up...

melancholy ❀️ 56 days ago

❀️❀️❀️feeling really overjoyed... i am playing a fangame called yume aruki it is so nice i love yume nikki fangames i feel very happy

melancholy πŸ₯³ 57 days ago

happy new year...!! i am a little late since i live on west coast... i have hopes for 2024...! i hope you all have a great 2024

melancholy β˜€οΈ 59 days ago

maybe i will change for 2024 but i don't know if i actually will

melancholy 🎢 62 days ago

Why Does Everyone Allow Me To Be Insane About Yume Nikki Fangames

melancholy ❄️ 66 days ago

finally winter break has arrived

melancholy πŸ™‚ 70 days ago

weewoo exams are today and i feel confident to succeed

melancholy ❄️ 74 days ago

just 1 more week till winter break...i feel confident that i could succeed through my finals

melancholy 🎁 82 days ago

it's my older sis birthday today... we lit up a flower candle on her cake which played a little tune when she blew the fire out... so nice!!

melancholy ✏️ 84 days ago

going to try and design a new sona... (i have not come up with one yet)

melancholy πŸ₯± 86 days ago

always so tired i want to sleep for eternity...

melancholy ❄️ 87 days ago

very cold....but i got home....

melancholy πŸ“š 89 days ago

didn't end up going to school today...

melancholy 🌈 89 days ago

saw a rainbow on the way home ... i didn't get to take a photo of it but it was really nice

melancholy πŸ’€ 90 days ago

sleepygirl moment..........

melancholy 🎨 91 days ago

at school, but i want to go home and draw... i will wait for the weekdays i suppose

melancholy 🐱 91 days ago

cat laying on my lap during a melancholic weather

melancholy πŸ™‚ 93 days ago

my first post!!! i might change my layout in a bit, but this site is really nice... i got my own tablet!!! i will be sure to take care of it