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meira ❤️ 36 days ago

super happy because i finished a vtubers ☆ online magazine issue! gonna write a diary entry tonight too hehe (˶ˆᗜˆ˵)♡♡

meira 📖 69 days ago

wanna update my diary soon..! i've been thinking about so much lil things i wanna talk about but haven't been able to stream so.. T_T

meira 🔥 91 days ago

i need to lock in and work harder RAHHHHHHHH

meira ❤️ 125 days ago

working on the magazine but also a bit more on this website! gonna add in a new diary entry too

meira ❤️ 148 days ago

started working on this page about a month ago but i think it's finally at a level where i wanna share it again!