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neuroticism is the spice of life. site is 18+, beware


mei 🎬 1 day ago


mei ✏️ 1 day ago

yet to figure out how best to update my sketchbook page... maybe monthly updates are the way to go?

mei 🎶 9 days ago

i can't wait for chappell roan's new song

mei 👀 9 days ago

making that boywall was a great idea. now i can just look at it when i need a boost

mei ✏️ 14 days ago

just finishing thumbnailing my comic yippee!!

mei 🤒 23 days ago

punching the air... such a cute face CANNOT exist danny pudi what have you done

mei ❤️ 24 days ago

abed nadir please just give me one chance oh my fucking god. ONE

mei 🙃 26 days ago

if i do not finish these thumbnails by the end of the week i will. turn myself into a sea cucumber

mei 🍷 32 days ago

spent my day hanging out with a friend! so much fun

mei ❤️ 36 days ago

it's nice to have nothing to do for the first time in a while 😵‍💫

mei 💻 36 days ago

trying to familiarize myself with dreamwidth to make a private brainworm log wehe

mei 📺 45 days ago

finally continuing succession. next episode: s3 finale!

mei 🐶 50 days ago

day 2.5 of walking worm twice a day and we are both SO tired lmao

mei ⛵ 67 days ago

one day i want to live within commuting distance of an aquarium and buy a year pass!

mei 💀 67 days ago

the very silly experience of going to my own site hoping there are updates...

mei 📚 88 days ago

i've long forgotten how to be a student... what do you mean i have to submit homework on time

mei 🍿 92 days ago

i went to see the boy and the heron with some friends today!

mei 📺 132 days ago

been watching rottmnt and it's so good

mei 🤩 141 days ago

just saw i hit 100k pageviews! i don't know how true this is, but what a milestone if it's real! thanks for looking!! (18+ only fyi)

mei 📖 182 days ago

trying to get back into my old morning pages habit

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