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neuroticism is the spice of life.
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mei πŸ“– 4 hours ago

bought two new books today. i love that really nice grainy texture they use for covers now...

mei πŸ₯³ 8 hours ago

birthday o'clock

mei 🌈 1 day ago

i wish there were a colors TCG for western cartoons... although it's probably for the best i don't get obsessed LMAO

mei 😭 5 days ago

i don't normally watch video essays, but i watched one on how the DT finale did not do justice to the show, and man... they were right...!!!

mei ✏️ 7 days ago

just found out that the third party pencil i use for my ipad doesn’t have pressure sensitivity... ive been using this for a YEAR

mei πŸ“š 7 days ago

i should stop saying i like romance books... i mean i STILL DO i just don't want any of the ones i keep seeing

mei ❀️ 11 days ago

suddenly have the strong urge to make a cupid page...!!!!

mei πŸ₯³ 16 days ago

it's almost july!

mei 😑 17 days ago

grrr the wordle took me until the last minute to get

mei 🍣 19 days ago

reading himawari house and it really resonates with me! enjoying it so far!!

mei 🎲 22 days ago

first oops all draculas session with friends!! SOOO FUN...

mei ❀️ 32 days ago

when the email exchange is so good you gotta draft your reply in a text editor bc the email UI is clunky (ily friends who send long letters)

mei πŸ’» 48 days ago

ok now that i've figured eleventy out i'm tempted to overhaul this site... NO... wait until july!!!

mei 🌈 49 days ago

hanging out with my friends fixed me actually

mei β˜€οΈ 54 days ago

a trip planned, a new dream, a comic wrapping up... it's a good feeling!

mei 😭 56 days ago

JUST FINISHED DUCKTALES... what i wouldn't give to watch this show all over again for the first time. so so cute and good.

mei 🎨 58 days ago

site updates on hold until june the 1st, i've gotta finish this comic!!!

mei 🎱 58 days ago

i need a haircut

mei 🎢 67 days ago

i guess i'll never know the reason why you love me as you doooo 🎢

mei ❄️ 76 days ago

i miss colder weather!!

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