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neuroticism is the spice of life


mei 🥱 2 days ago

i've been getting tired earlier these days.. is this old age? (-girl who is only 25)

mei 🥳 7 days ago

office party was fun!

mei 🙃 12 days ago

do i WANT to keep my status cafe is the question.........

mei 😴 23 days ago

i must have slept for about 12 hours last night... that's so much sleep!

mei 🙃 25 days ago

it's hamhams not hamha...

mei 🎮 25 days ago

i want to replay hamtaro hamhas unite now that i have a brain

mei 🎶 29 days ago

idc i think it's so inspiring to see tswift's discog.. she is so prolific and has so much to show for years of doing what she loves to do

mei ☀️ 33 days ago

i've been on vacation with family! it was so much fun and now i'm dreading going back to work LOL

mei 💻 39 days ago

feeling a bit more lukewarm about site & blog things lately... not that i have 2 b excited about it 24/7 but i miss that feel!

mei 👀 53 days ago

was gonna play TYOV tonight but got distracted doing online window shopping..

mei 🐶 61 days ago

worm likes me best when i'm doing stupid shit.. just raced around the room singing to "august" and she was so excited lmfao

mei 🛼 65 days ago

i loved barbie idc

mei 💻 73 days ago

slowly slowly slowly easing back into neocities... starting with seeing what everyone's been up to!!

mei ❤️ 77 days ago

i had a really good birthday and wore a dress i've been nervous to wear!! i felt really good in it!

mei 🌧️ 82 days ago

so what time am i going home then. please let me out of this office

mei 🤐 92 days ago

i can't in good faith participate in artfight because i Do not like their policies 😵‍💫 but at least creative clash is soon too!

mei 😱 97 days ago

been having a Flop Two Weeks lately... i'm on an up and up but i need to leave this workshop rn or ill die

mei ❤️ 105 days ago

xtra unhinged these days!! feels good

mei 💻 110 days ago

i have to be up at 6am tomorrow but i do Not want to sleep

mei 📖 112 days ago

just stayed up until 7 reading a book from cover to cover 👍 a thing i haven't done in a long time... BOOK WAS WORTH IT

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