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meep ❤️ 8 days ago (browser-based virtual pet game) just reopened alpha testing applications! I'm Meep over there and have been having a blast!

meep ❤️ 39 days ago

I've been alpha testing the brand new virtual pet site Santae, and I'm totally addicted. I highly recommend it.

meep 😡 48 days ago

Batteries are the bane of my existence. I absolutely hate accidentally stumbling across battery acid.

meep 🤔 49 days ago

I have the urge to delete Discord entirely lately, but then I'd really be cut off from everything. Maybe that's a good thing?

meep ❤️ 49 days ago

Castile soap is so cool. I just washed my hair with it and rinsed with apple cider vinegar. Seems super effective!

meep 🙃 78 days ago

De-Googling is such a huge pain in the butt. It'll be totally worth it in the end though.

meep 🌈 81 days ago

At long last, I have obtained the Fairground Fortune (20000000) achievement on Flight Rising. I never have to play Glimmer & Gloom again!

meep 🥰 85 days ago

I got some more Neopets fan plushies in the mail today, and they're both so good! Love my new Plushie Aisha and Blue Cybunny!

meep 🤔 87 days ago

The more I read up on things, the more it becomes clear that homemade household cleaners are the only way to go.

meep 🌈 89 days ago

I have finally committed to making some new Neopet characters after waffling on names for months! Yay!

meep 🥰 96 days ago

Springtime is the best. Love the nicer weather today!

meep ❤️ 103 days ago

My package got here! I wish the little journal was bigger, but everything is still super neat! Looking forward to reading the stories later.

meep 🌈 105 days ago

I'm finally getting my ORV fanbook and goodies in the mail in a few more days! I ordered them in May last year.

meep 🙂 108 days ago

Why did RSS ever go out of fashion? I'm having such a blast adding tons of feeds to Thunderbird.

meep 🥳 109 days ago

Hello, world! -waves- I finally signed up last night.