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mechagic 🙂 2 days ago

waiter, more doomed yuri in my mlp infection au please!

mechagic 🤖 9 days ago

"human art is obsolete, ai will replace it" what if i commit horrible crimes against you and your family?

mechagic 🙂 9 days ago

i am normal i think

mechagic 🙂 11 days ago

gonna work on the whole "update site on github" thingy again

mechagic 🙂 19 days ago

on one hand i want to switch to an ssg, on the other hand i no no wanna

mechagic 🙂 19 days ago

i have new glasses, also its my bday

mechagic 🙂 22 days ago

How bout I piss in YOUR pants huh? whatcha gonna do then?

mechagic 🙂 25 days ago

mlp music did not have to go that hard

mechagic 🙂 44 days ago

Figure collecting is too expensive

mechagic 🙂 44 days ago

Why did they make the heron so cvnty?

mechagic 🙂 44 days ago

Just watched "the boy and the heron"

mechagic 🙂 44 days ago

gatorade is love gatorade is life

mechagic 🙂 46 days ago

mlp fanfic slaps??? (real)(not clickbait)

mechagic 🙂 46 days ago

use squidgeworld

mechagic 🙂 52 days ago

reading mlp horror fanfiction rn

mechagic 🙂 53 days ago

making some tunes

mechagic 🙂 55 days ago

no seriously

mechagic 💀 55 days ago

how do people make great sounding music

mechagic ❄️ 56 days ago

i havent slept properly in like 5 days lol, been sleeping at 12:00~

mechagic 🙂 56 days ago

i am formal to the pormal

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