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hi uh i exist here i guess i love programming and making art and all that stuff


mebiae πŸ’€ 20 days ago

yikes! ive been offline here for a… month, and on neocities..

mebiae 🎬 61 days ago

eaugh its soo late i should be sleeping but since i didnt i managed to finish some animation

mebiae πŸŒ™ 75 days ago

the darkness is consuming (solar eclipse)

mebiae 🌧️ 80 days ago

potential snow day????? in april??????????/

mebiae πŸ’» 120 days ago

recently trying to learn how to use godot and gdscript

mebiae 🌧️ 145 days ago

uhh… double snow days and now going through assessments

mebiae ❄️ 163 days ago

oh cool, another snow storm

mebiae ❄️ 165 days ago

lotsa snow

mebiae πŸ’» 171 days ago

agh took a small break from being online… uh, was playing modded minecraft recently

mebiae 🎁 181 days ago

wooooo merry kris!!! excited for gifts!! ^_^

mebiae ❄️ 183 days ago

finally, christmas break

mebiae ❄️ 185 days ago

two days till christmas breaka aaaaaa

mebiae 🌧️ 188 days ago

man the snow melted and now we got two days of rain

mebiae πŸ’» 191 days ago

the urge to code just cannot leave me

mebiae πŸ’» 196 days ago

making a custom theme for my tumblr account

mebiae πŸ’» 199 days ago

mmm programming

mebiae πŸ™‚ 200 days ago

i probably should rest on working on my website, but no, imma just convert all of the css to scss

mebiae ❄️ 201 days ago

really happy that the snow has fallen here