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Graphic design, video games, horror, indie web, etc. (he/him)


matt 🙃 6 days ago

It's not easy having a good time.

matt 🎮 8 days ago

Think I saw a set of Elden Ring vanity plates on the way to work today.

matt 📺 44 days ago

Thinking about Halloween Ends.

matt 💻 44 days ago

"Design is more or less just helping Capitalism get dressed every morning." - Kyle Letendre

matt 📺 46 days ago

Really nice of hate5six to record all those hardcore shows.

matt ❄️ 46 days ago

It's too cold, man.

matt 📱 49 days ago

Got one of those foldable phones. We deserve so much more, but this is the most exciting thing to happen to smartphone design in a decade.

matt 🎶 49 days ago

Listening to ska out of spite. Clenched fists. Furrowed brow.

matt 🎨 88 days ago

Also, I finished my website redesign and am very proud of the work I've been doing the last couple of years.

matt 🎨 93 days ago

It's about time for the annual website redesign.

matt 🎶 159 days ago

All Hail West Texas.

matt 💻 195 days ago

Got a new job and it's going well, thanks for asking.

matt 🛹 215 days ago

Currently obsessed with GB Studio. Trying to make a lil 1-bit skateboarding game.

matt 🎮 232 days ago

BLACKLIST may be getting made into a game, thanks to AGBIC!

matt 🎮 248 days ago

Made a new tumblr for PS1 UI appreciation:

matt 🥳 263 days ago

My font Hypik now has more than 100,000 downloads on Dafont!

matt ✨ 263 days ago

Just got a great idea for next year's Famicase.

matt 🌮 264 days ago

Taco Bell.

matt 🍕 276 days ago

A nice weekend!

matt 💔 278 days ago

Dribbble keeps getting worse. I wish there was still a website that was truly just "show and tell for designers."

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