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Graphic design, video games, horror, indie web, etc. (he/him)


matt 🍕 3 days ago

A nice weekend!

matt 💔 5 days ago

Dribbble keeps getting worse. I wish there was still a website that was truly just "show and tell for designers."

matt 🎮 7 days ago

I really want a 3DS now.

matt 🥳 33 days ago

Happy Famicase day to all who celebrate.

matt 🎮 37 days ago

Do you like video games AND graphic design? Maybe check out our new forum at

matt 🎮 40 days ago

Stoked for Famicase. One more week.

matt 😡 46 days ago

All the domains I want are taken.

matt 💻 52 days ago

Making *another* website??

matt 🐱 59 days ago

It's my cat's birthday today.

matt 🏆 67 days ago

A font I designed (Geizer) just passed 300,000 downloads on Dafont. Hell yeah!

matt ✨ 68 days ago

Wrestling kicks ass.

matt 📚 73 days ago

Thinking about making some t-shirts for the book club.

matt 🎤 84 days ago

Morning rock radio DJs are holding us back as a society and must be stopped.

matt 📺 85 days ago

I think I've accidentally rekindled my long-dormant fandom of wrestling. Uh oh.

matt ✨ 87 days ago

Famicase locked in at #75!

matt 🙂 97 days ago

It's almost Famicase season, the most exciting time of the year!

matt 🧀 146 days ago

Thankful for queso.

matt 📰 153 days ago

Bought a little thermal printer and am dreaming up projects for it.

matt 😎 155 days ago

Excited about graphic design.

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