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Graphic design, video games, horror, indie web, etc. (he/him)


matt 🙃 20 days ago

Not enough time in a day.

matt 🤖 22 days ago

Longmont Potion Castle: I'm just here to observe.

matt ✨ 25 days ago

Getting into Godflesh.

matt 🎶 28 days ago

Interested in synthesizers and drum machines all of a sudden??

matt 🎨 29 days ago

Got a Tom Waits tattoo today.

matt 🙃 37 days ago

I've said it before, but just for the record: I will NEVER get a Bluesky account.

matt 🤔 37 days ago

Motorcycles... the dumbest vehicle??

matt ☕️ 41 days ago

Angelo Badalamenti type beat.

matt ☀️ 46 days ago

Shoutout to the people who wave back on the jogging trail.

matt 🎨 57 days ago


matt 🥳 68 days ago

Hypik now has over 200,000 downloads on Dafont. That's neat!

matt 🤔 68 days ago

New project idea: gonna design a bunch of fictional compact discs. Might even compile them into a zine that looks like a CD binder.

matt 👀 78 days ago

Damn... Gotta get Bryce 3D.

matt 💾 85 days ago

Hypnospace Outlaw is on sale for $5 right now. Obviously a huge recommend to anyone reading this.

matt 🎶 88 days ago

We got the Korn hot sauce and it's very good.

matt 💾 92 days ago

Seeing a font you made being used by a stranger is one of the greatest thrills graphic design has to offer.

matt 😎 111 days ago

Famicase locked in at #066.

matt 🙃 121 days ago

It's not easy having a good time.

matt 🎮 123 days ago

Think I saw a set of Elden Ring vanity plates on the way to work today.

matt 📺 159 days ago

Thinking about Halloween Ends.

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