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Graphic design, video games, horror, indie web, etc. (he/him)


matt 🧀 33 days ago

Thankful for queso.

matt 📰 40 days ago

Bought a little thermal printer and am dreaming up projects for it.

matt 😎 42 days ago

Excited about graphic design.

matt 💻 44 days ago

Big website update: Now highlighting recent stuff on the homepage. Makes sense!

matt 📺 45 days ago

Finished Killer7! It has some problems, but what a rad game.

matt 🎶 46 days ago

Blasting Blonde on Blonde on Christmas Eve.

matt ☕️ 59 days ago

Bury me in a breakfast diner.

matt 💻 59 days ago

The undeniable urge to make a new webring.

matt 💾 59 days ago

New blog post about DOOM 3.

matt 🥹 59 days ago

Currently seeking your validation.

matt 💻 59 days ago

Where the Blair Witch Project fans-only Discord server at??

matt 🍔 60 days ago

YouTube: [hate5six] Gel - September 10, 2022

matt 📺 62 days ago


matt 🐱 65 days ago

Sunday, with a cat asleep in my lap.

matt 💻 66 days ago

Learning how to RSS.

matt 🍷 66 days ago

Hello LA. You're up way past your bedtime, aren't you?

matt 😯 66 days ago

There's a (slim) chance that I could be involved in some official Tumblr merch design in the near future...

matt 🎮 66 days ago

Drowning in the backlog.

matt 💀 68 days ago

The phrase "goth spreadsheet" somehow ended up in my search history.

matt ❄️ 69 days ago

Let it Snow is the best Christmas song. Touches my heart every time, for real.

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