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martiansoup 🎨 227 days ago

i got a new shower gel that smells absolutely delicious, cant wait to get home and take a shower

martiansoup 🎮 227 days ago

yesterday i got home after 8pm. ive always been so scared of being out late so this is huge

martiansoup 🎮 233 days ago

for months i thought my bluetooth earbuds didn't work with my pc when all i had to do was fix one tiny wifi setting. ive been inconvenienced

martiansoup 📰 233 days ago

kuroshitsuji s4 confirmed!!!! sebastian looks weird tho..

martiansoup 🙂 237 days ago

wakaranainda rolling rolling

martiansoup 🎶 237 days ago

this is why i shouldn't automatically skip anime intros and outros... i almost missed out on the last ending of bocchi the rock???

martiansoup 🔥 242 days ago

it's too hot in here i can't

martiansoup 🔥 244 days ago

it's so fucking hot in here and the neighbors are being loud again