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marisa 💾 35 days ago

scrobblemaxxing tf out

marisa 😶 41 days ago

i know ure not supposed 2 eat raw cookie dough but i love it. idk....... like i like raw cookie dough. oh well. i did ts 2 my self. ;-;

marisa ✏️ 85 days ago

why the FUCK is's html special element thingy so hard to find and work around. #Smh

marisa 📰 113 days ago

im so reffreshed

marisa 🍞 141 days ago

getting awf my ass now...

marisa 🛹 146 days ago

working on sentry / less detailed info thingy :P

marisa 🍺 165 days ago

oh ya my birthday was yesterday I Love Growing Old

marisa ⛵ 165 days ago

wait im goatedddd

marisa 🙂 201 days ago

been doing sm homework i jst cant b doing stuff mannn but we'll thug it out (~^_^~)

marisa 💾 212 days ago

dude i love making roblox fits

marisa 🧐 220 days ago

old man fish yaoi

marisa 💤 231 days ago

i love staying up but i hate when ilet myself pull all-nighters ughhhhhhh

marisa 🌱 232 days ago

iwant chipotle reallll bad

marisa 🥱 232 days ago

Nvm we Pirating it :))

marisa 😶 232 days ago

now why is ts earl x alc album locked behind smth nobody wanna use 4 twelve hours smh

marisa 🤒 243 days ago

working on shit wonce againnn