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guy from my computers


mara 🥹 9 days ago

trigun itabag its fucking happening

mara ❤️ 28 days ago

still on the grind (of the trigun variety)

mara 🤒 30 days ago

whuggh my brain is so incapable right now

mara 🥳 35 days ago

dnd with my friends tonight, so excited !

mara 🥹 37 days ago

when the neocities is slow (also on data so that might be apart of it)

mara 🔥 38 days ago

tri gun *throws up blood and explodes*

mara 🤖 39 days ago

i wanna log off instagram forever

mara 🎮 40 days ago

on the colors donation grind again

mara ✨ 45 days ago

it's my dad's birthday, happy birthday dad!

mara 😭 46 days ago

she is thinking abt redoing her site layout again <- crazy

mara 🎮 46 days ago

only thinking about mario these days... should keep playing galaxy!

mara 🎶 50 days ago

its all about baby steps!

mara 😭 56 days ago

augh. hurhg. ewugh. shitty day

mara 😶 57 days ago

work makes my brain rot

mara 🔥 61 days ago

fucking my hand up at work! cant escape the work incidents (⁠´⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠ω⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠`⁠)

mara 🙂 62 days ago

100 years in neocities broke dungeon again or maybe its just neotcg being silly again

mara 🙂 62 days ago

cooking dinner :] making chicken, mashed potatoes, and asparagus!

mara 🥹 63 days ago

ah its working again ♪ thank god it was so slow and brokem

mara 😭 63 days ago

my colors tcg site nt workign right now... unfortunate

mara 🤖 65 days ago

i feel sooo dizzy 😵‍💫

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