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mani 💻 16 days ago

my software engineering prof teaching us html as if i dont have a phd in neocities.. keh..

mani ✨ 64 days ago

everything will turn out for my good, methinks

mani 📰 150 days ago

i will get a job! i know i will !!

mani ✏️ 273 days ago

the new year will be alright.. and i shall make it so..

mani 🌈 292 days ago

things are on the up and up! the key is to be delusional and optimistic always

mani 😭 315 days ago


mani 😂 339 days ago

if it sucks hit da bricks !

mani 😭 347 days ago

things... *breathes in heavily* will be ok....

mani 🙃 350 days ago

crying and throwing up a bit i just wanna RELAX

mani 🍷 361 days ago

i am Indulging and Relaxing today... if i dont all my bones will fall off

mani 💀 363 days ago

if i have to do another homework, i'll essplode.