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maladroit ❤️ 2 days ago

new nintendo direct was SO good!! ace attorney investigations!! denpa men!! hello kitty island adventure!! hell yeah!!!

maladroit ✏️ 5 days ago

trying to make an animation meme for the first time in a long while, it is 2018 again!

maladroit 🐶 11 days ago

do u have something against doooooooooogs ,,,,,,

maladroit 🌈 13 days ago

had a very stressful day at school, so now its time 2 listen to pencey prep on repeat

maladroit 🙂 42 days ago

" will be shutting down on the 1st of July" <- gonna cry.

maladroit 💤 87 days ago

i'm so ..... sleepyy ...

maladroit 😭 87 days ago

reading through old poems from 2022 and most of them don't even rhyme or have any sort of flow ,, what was I thinking??

maladroit 💤 107 days ago

my exams are finally finished :'] sleepy as hell but I've been working on the site more

maladroit 🌙 127 days ago

sorry for the lack of updates ;; I'll hopefully put much more here once exams are over

maladroit 💤 144 days ago

revising for a chemistry test while on the bus ,, my head huuurts

maladroit 🌙 148 days ago

currently obsessing over shinsei kamattechan <3