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maggotgirl ☕️ 17 days ago

the days pass without me knowing

maggotgirl ☕️ 24 days ago

something is wrong with me

maggotgirl ☕️ 25 days ago

i went to the mall today

maggotgirl ☕️ 27 days ago

i am going to the mall tomorrow.

maggotgirl ☕️ 36 days ago

la la l a.. have to hem a dress υ'• ﻌ •`υ

maggotgirl ☕️ 41 days ago

now the only way out.. in your heartshaped box..

maggotgirl 🌧️ 53 days ago

want to go because hurt inside please send a sign to me

maggotgirl 💤 55 days ago

sick puppy world. rose flavoring

maggotgirl 🍶 58 days ago

just don't feel right these days

maggotgirl 😯 60 days ago

please let things work out and guide me!

maggotgirl ☕️ 60 days ago

aching inside me eats me alive

maggotgirl 🐶 61 days ago

feel so disgusting and wrong

maggotgirl ☕️ 63 days ago

feel so sick crying and needing to vomit from the aching inside me.

maggotgirl 🍶 63 days ago

for some reason i am completely and totally exhausted

maggotgirl 🍶 65 days ago

oh. now i have to clean. + made rose latte

maggotgirl 🌧️ 65 days ago

questing in w101 + getting two packages today

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