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i'm too lazy to properly edit this page, maybe later xp


maggie 🔥 70 days ago

I'M BACK BITCHES. anyways (goes back to my dark cave where i belong)

maggie 🥰 236 days ago

strawberry milkshakes from cuban pizzerias are a whole nother breed /pos

maggie 😭 237 days ago

wanna change my site theme so badly but i have no ideas on what they layout should look like pls kill me

maggie ☕️ 297 days ago

i love being snuggled up in my bed watching eas scenarios with a cup of coffee in my hannd

maggie 🥹 311 days ago

go listen to mein teil by rammstein NOW you will NOT REGRET IT!!!!!

maggie ✨ 312 days ago

finally washed my hair!! i feel so clean now lol

maggie 🙃 312 days ago

my back hurts :(

maggie ❄️ 312 days ago

in my rammstein stan era :teehee:

maggie 😭 313 days ago

i just ate but im so hungry for dumplingssss