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I fart a lot

I like mainframes

got that tism


madqubit πŸ‘½ 401 days ago

Got the ARRR stack back up. Feelsgoodman

madqubit πŸ™‚ 403 days ago

What some people don't realize is that while the Mainframe interface isn't the prettiest, it's a heck of a lot faster than a Web UI.

madqubit πŸ˜› 515 days ago

Back to working a couple of overnights. I miss them to be honest. I like working in solitude. Too many people on days.

madqubit 🎨 518 days ago

I've let the sites lapse in lieu of using Gemini. Which is fine. There's way less overhead with Gemini. no worrying about sites breaking.

madqubit πŸ™‚ 532 days ago

If you are a guy and use the middle urinal in a row of three. You are equivelant to the person that doesn't put the shopping cart back.

madqubit ✨ 549 days ago

I kind of wonder about some people.

madqubit πŸ’Ύ 554 days ago

So I'm a ham radio operator and a person that likes Mainframes. So I'm doing the only logical thing. Putting a mainframe on the air.

madqubit 🌧️ 569 days ago

The rain is here. It's calming.

madqubit 🌧️ 572 days ago

Waiting for the rain.

madqubit 🌧️ 574 days ago

I can’t wait to be on day shift. Working third with a family is rough man. Especially when your kid is young.

madqubit πŸ‘€ 577 days ago

I don't know why but I'm a bit on edge today.

madqubit πŸ“Ί 578 days ago

Off lease thinkpad and a Steam Deck vs chonker gaming laptop. I don't play AAA titles and the former combo will save me $800

madqubit πŸ’Ύ 583 days ago

Re-did the whole thing in thirty minutes so instead of Apache I'm now using darkhttpd and Agate. Everything is 100% PORTABLE.

madqubit 😎 583 days ago

Successfully have a Gemini Capsule with an automatically updating HTML parser for those that wanna use HTTP.

madqubit β˜• 583 days ago

My brain hurts

madqubit 😎 584 days ago

Going to hang out with a few friends today. Excited. First time I've hung out with them since 2020ish. LAN partayyyy

madqubit πŸ’€ 585 days ago

I have to pull overtime to train another person because he keeps completing entire ESP applications and not singular jobs. Rip.

madqubit πŸ’Ύ 586 days ago

Being a Mainframe operator can be kind of lonely on the night shift when things are running smoothly.

madqubit βœ… 586 days ago

Season 2 of Borrasca is coming. I’m so glad. I know it was made known awhile back but it kind of fell off my radar when season 1 ended.