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madogany 🙂 209 days ago

gif of cat exhibiting nursing instinct

madogany 🙂 256 days ago

working on my discord server

madogany 👀 274 days ago

oops we forgot to use this lmao

madogany 👽 282 days ago

xaux front for today. others are all tuckered out

madogany 🙂 325 days ago

... and I like the idea of being able to participate in artfight anytime I feel like drawing a particular character, instead of crunching

madogany 🙂 325 days ago

its the last day of artfight. I feel no urgency bc if I finish an attack I should be able to PM it on the site instead of publishing it

madogany 🙂 331 days ago

brainstorming ideas

madogany 🙂 333 days ago

I love AF it's unfortunate that the moderation team apparently is quite dysfunctional at the moment

madogany 🙂 335 days ago

I have quite a few attacks that are almost done I just haven't rendered them lawls

madogany 🙂 339 days ago

got an attack so I care about artfight again, I will crawl out of my slumber

madogany 🙂 342 days ago

may manage to finish some attacks today

madogany 🥱 347 days ago

Been focusing on health instead. I've got a pattern of drawing 2-3 attacks in 1 day, and then 2-3 days of no drawing after

madogany 🙂 348 days ago

I'm prioritizing team werewolf attacks! Revenges are my second priority and after that (or just if convenient) artists I simply like

madogany 🙂 349 days ago

Did some attacks, wish I could do more. but I can finally indulge a healthy bedtime now

madogany 🙂 350 days ago

Too painful to draw, so I watched a movie (Another Round ft Mads Mikkelsen) I really loved it

madogany 🙂 351 days ago

I think I'll have an attack or two posted by sometime tomorrow. Experiment with a style more appealing because I want my attacks to be good!

madogany 📚 352 days ago

Been working on AF attacks, but my OC pages feel very unfurnished so I spent today mulling over it. Gotta draw more in general

madogany ✏️ 488 days ago

I deserve a break so I'll draw what I like today, I don't want to talk a lot