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maciejkamil 🤒 13 days ago

My newest youtube video got just 12 likes and two comments and I'm seriously upset.

maciejkamil 🙂 14 days ago

I finally figured out how my site blocker works. Probably.

maciejkamil 🙂 15 days ago

What's better: Yotsubato, Homestuck or Spongebob?

maciejkamil 😇 18 days ago

I'll spend more time in personal web from now on!

maciejkamil 🙂 28 days ago

This was a glorious day.,. I studied from 5 aM to 5PM and some after that.

maciejkamil 😇 32 days ago

I'm in a complete bliss right now.

maciejkamil 😎 47 days ago

World is a wonderfull place. You just need to choose what you actually NEED to see.

maciejkamil 👽 58 days ago

I'm so interested in something I absolutely detest. This is a weird feeling.

maciejkamil 😎 65 days ago

Reading Yotsubato while listenining to Bocchi the rock music id THE COMBO!

maciejkamil 😭 68 days ago

Situation in my country is becoming so tense and abstract, that I'm worried that a civil war might start.

maciejkamil 🙂 76 days ago

I can't focus lately. I installed siteblockers to fix this. Social media are poison.

maciejkamil 🙃 83 days ago

Youtube copyright policies are total trash.

maciejkamil 😭 93 days ago

I've lost. In spite of all my effort I lost. In spite of studying until 8, sometimen 9 PM. I've lost. I've failed.

maciejkamil 💀 94 days ago

My worst nightmare is coming through. but I'll fight. Fight to the last.

maciejkamil 🤒 95 days ago

Things are going worse that I thought, but I'll fight till the end!

maciejkamil 🤒 98 days ago

It's time to get to work.

maciejkamil 🙂 99 days ago

I've managed to rest a bit, but I still must solve a difficult situation. I must succeed or else 4 years of my life will go down the drain.