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macadoum 🙂 102 days ago

500 days have passed since my first message on !

macadoum 🙂 133 days ago

I listen a lot of Black Metal these days. This music is really demoniac if you listen too much of it. Made me sad but powerful.

macadoum 🙂 373 days ago

Moving my cryptos away from Binance and others exchanges to my hot wallets. It takes time.

macadoum 🙂 399 days ago

my job ends in 5 days ! So good to leave this place.

macadoum 🙂 427 days ago

I try to learn C, bash and cgi scripts all in one

macadoum 😎 526 days ago

I just installed Mageia in dual boot with Windows

macadoum 🙂 528 days ago

I read m15o's journal today. I'd like to have my own Midnight Pub too 🤠

macadoum ☕ 529 days ago

Back in the Swiss mountains for four and a half months

macadoum 🙂 599 days ago

One of my friend just bought a house. I'll help him with renovations in the coming weeks.

macadoum 🙂 601 days ago

Learning how IRC works. Basics and bouncers.

macadoum ✈️ 602 days ago

Travelling around Bulgaria. Actually in Veliko Tarnovo.