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Let us face this day just like the rest.


maalused 🐱 336 days ago

I'm still kicking. Life is beating me down but I'm managing to fight back, something metaphorical like that.

maalused 😭 433 days ago

I hate having a job... I wish I had more free time

maalused 🔥 452 days ago


maalused ❤️ 464 days ago

Happy valentine's day!! 💌🍫

maalused 😭 471 days ago

Had to get up at 7am for work, and my insomnia barely let me sleep. I'm so tireddddd

maalused 🤒 481 days ago

I've been incredibly sick the past 2 days... I'm now recovering, and luckily it wasn't covid! But it sucked being immobile for a bit :(((

maalused ✨ 483 days ago

Hello world!