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ma-t 🌱 61 days ago

updated the monthly views text, cleansed the site of christmas-ness (mostly)

ma-t 🌱 67 days ago

added an EXPANDED COPYRIGHT SECTION, i know it sounds like nothing and it looks bad but it took three days to make please give it a chance

ma-t 🌱 70 days ago

updated the weekly views text, added copyright infringement section to cosmetics page, it sucks rn but i’m planning something special

ma-t 🤔 74 days ago

turns out i didnt get back to updating the website soon™ so uh sorry i’m abusing orphans with adsterra instead

ma-t 🌱 78 days ago

added a BANDCAMP EMBED of a horrible album, and a “NO ENGLISH!NO ENGLISH!” button that allows you to read the website with emojis.

ma-t 🌱 79 days ago

added another soundcloud embed. will get back to working on the website soon

ma-t 🌈 80 days ago

working on something

ma-t 😎 80 days ago

corporate punishment

ma-t 🥗 82 days ago


ma-t 📚 82 days ago

let’s hope we can atleast emulate the experience for the future shitty worthless challanges to overcome we will call an achievement

ma-t 🥳 82 days ago

i’ll never be good enough

ma-t 🌱 83 days ago

added “thebest”, moved soundcloud embeds past and present to “thebest”, and added another soundcloud song

ma-t 🌱 84 days ago

changed the soundcloud song again, (GO+ IS BULLSHIT) improved css/moved the christmas tree, and my brother got murdered by a grapefruit.

ma-t 🎱 84 days ago

my skin is growing skin underneath its skin and it’s peeling off its original skin and every time it does this it gets closer to the flesh

ma-t 🌱 84 days ago

christmaez has started on ma-t ho ho ho

ma-t 💡 85 days ago

never mind i don’t feel like that no more

ma-t 🌮 85 days ago

are we punishing ourselves for some perceived guilt? am i entitled to tacos on a tuesday?

ma-t 🎶 85 days ago

six hours of sleep club

ma-t 🌱 85 days ago

added a gifypet (IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN), improved some stupid text on the home page, and changed the soundcloud song

ma-t 🌱 85 days ago

added seasonal css, improvements on all pages, and i ate salad at a mall