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lyra 🙂 38 days ago

finally my first gap in uni work all year. perfect time to rewrite my website soon i think.

lyra 💀 118 days ago

animal crossing taking over my life........

lyra 💻 128 days ago

we are MAKING A CPU LETS GOOOOO. will make some blog posts about my progress some point!!

lyra ✨ 163 days ago

new site layout.... not much different but made it a lot cleaner under the hood

lyra 👀 168 days ago

christmas decorations are already everywhere its not even halloween yettt....

lyra 😎 179 days ago

programming more like. Pro Gaming

lyra 😶 193 days ago

ough why is starting projects so easy but finishing them so hard....

lyra 💀 204 days ago

lua is such a weird language why does anyone use it. "yes i would like to start indexing at 1" statements by the utterly deranged

lyra 💻 213 days ago

working on my webbed site.....