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Still finding my social self on the endless space. <3


lyonid 🥹 16 days ago

I live in Austria now ...

lyonid 👽 37 days ago

I am checking out the Fake Moon games by Natsume and I think they're pretty good! Sue me! >:)

lyonid ❄️ 52 days ago

Summer is officially over (in my head)!

lyonid ☕️ 81 days ago

I ate cake, and cake is good.

lyonid ❤️ 90 days ago

I graduated.

lyonid ✨ 92 days ago

Two days until my defense. The presentation is done, I think I am ready. Still nervous!

lyonid 💤 97 days ago

Lazy days. <3

lyonid 🙂 98 days ago

I got a really nice haircut and am finally free of university assignments. We are so close. T_T

lyonid 🥹 102 days ago

I finished my thesis. Now on to the defense.