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Hi, I'm Lucky. Some idiot from the UK who likes to create things


lucky 🙃 18 days ago

It would be really nice if I knew how to do really fancy stuff but I don't know what I'm doing

lucky 🙂 18 days ago

I'm gonna be redoing my website again, this is probably like the third time lmao

lucky 🙂 33 days ago

decided to start using my ps2 as a dvd player for some reason

lucky 🙃 45 days ago

fuck you cex

lucky 😎 47 days ago

The second my copy of Klonoa 2 arrives I'm gonna make that my entire personallity

lucky 🎬 55 days ago

I watched goldeneye with a few friends the other day

lucky 🙃 65 days ago

I need to fix my sleep schedule ffs

lucky 🙂 67 days ago

checking this out