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he/him — 🇫🇷🇬🇧

hi! i am a random french person trying out new ways to publish thoughts that never were worth publishing in the first place. you can find other ways to contact me here.


lucidiot 🔥 8 days ago

took my first ever lightning strike pics!!

lucidiot 🥰 9 days ago

got complimented for putting alt text on everything

lucidiot 🔥 11 days ago

and here starts the season of being unable to do anything due to heat, how can anyone like summer really

lucidiot 😂 15 days ago

interrupting a company meeting to watch a rocket launch

lucidiot 🥹 18 days ago

i don't want to work i want to cuddle blåhaj

lucidiot 😎 42 days ago

broke 1745 tests just as i went into vacation, sorry coworkers lol

lucidiot 😴 42 days ago

can't wait for the work week to end

lucidiot ☕️ 45 days ago

free coffee, free croissants, free chocolate, easy bugfixes, rocket launch this afternoon, great start for the day

lucidiot 🙃 48 days ago

i didn't know feeling lonely could physically hurt

lucidiot 📷 49 days ago

preparing to go take pics at night

lucidiot 🧀 53 days ago

eating a raclette for lunch while working from home and nobody can stop me

lucidiot 🤐 54 days ago

trying not to think i'm wasting time by relaxing

lucidiot 🍕 56 days ago

chill friday with great pizza and great cofe

lucidiot 😱 58 days ago

deploying things into production all by myself

lucidiot 🙃 60 days ago

what better way to start the day than to feel tired and dizzy

lucidiot ☕️ 66 days ago

free cofe and croissants \o/

lucidiot 🍔 67 days ago

testing a new borgar today

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