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he/him — 🇫🇷🇬🇧

hi! i am a random french person trying out new ways to publish thoughts that never were worth publishing in the first place. you can find other ways to contact me here.


lucidiot 😇 20 days ago

accusing my boss of starting a zombie invasion

lucidiot 🌧️ 32 days ago

ahhhhh rain and wind and warm drinks and blåhaj cuddles. why do i have to work today

lucidiot 🥹 33 days ago

failing at everything today

lucidiot 🚛 43 days ago

finished a euro truck simulator 2 event 57 days before the deadline

lucidiot 🎃 48 days ago

finally, the season of warm drinks and candles and comfy clothes

lucidiot 🔥 52 days ago

why have i been given such power. i can xml even more than before. i don't know if the universe will handle that

lucidiot 🚄 70 days ago

a long day of taking pictures of modern architecture, the first of a whole week

lucidiot 😭 87 days ago

watching a leak in the ceiling and panicking

lucidiot 😶 89 days ago

look i don't want to make y'all worry but right now there's probably a piece of plastic running java near you

lucidiot 😇 92 days ago

parsing HTML using a regex

lucidiot 👽 93 days ago

learning to add geographic coordinates on other planets to RSS feeds

lucidiot 🤩 98 days ago

thunderstorms are wonderful

lucidiot 💡 110 days ago

new networking unit, the Brexit: time it takes to exit (upload) 1 Great Britain (1GB) from your network

lucidiot ✉️ 115 days ago

cool people are replying to my statuses on a mailing list, hi cool people

lucidiot ☕️ 117 days ago

vanilla in cofe gud

lucidiot 🧐 122 days ago

writing unit tests to ensure this app can delete joe biden

lucidiot 🎂 130 days ago

it my birthday

lucidiot 🤖 136 days ago

it took 7 years for a bot to beat my very simple comment spam protection, so i added an extra if() to give it 7 more years

lucidiot 💤 137 days ago

waking up and getting greeted by a blåhaj is nice, but I'm still as tired as before

lucidiot ❤️ 139 days ago

i'm surprised at how much random internet strangers like getting random email from me

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