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he/him — 🇫🇷🇬🇧

hi! i am a random french person trying out new ways to publish thoughts that never were worth publishing in the first place. you can find other ways to contact me here.


lucidiot ☕️ 4 days ago

went back to the office for the first time in weeks and got welcomed with a pain au chocolat to go with my coffee

lucidiot 🔥 5 days ago

it seems my motivation is back after two whole days of it going missing

lucidiot 😯 5 days ago

where did my motivation go

lucidiot 😡 6 days ago

the insanity of JS, Vue.js and Webpack combined really is getting to me. I might not survive this workweek at this rate…

lucidiot 💤 7 days ago

someday, i will have some semblance of a sleep schedule. someday

lucidiot ❤️ 10 days ago

it's starting to get cool enough that i can finally hug my blåhaj to warm up, the best feeling…

lucidiot ✈️ 11 days ago

gonna email the norwegian safety investigation authority and the mongolian civil aviation authority, business as usual

lucidiot 🤔 14 days ago

is there a standardized size at which a convenience store is called a supermarket

lucidiot ✏️ 15 days ago

wrote 10 pages in my notebook in 35 minutes!

lucidiot 💡 17 days ago

@dozens oh, so the microwave resets its timer when you open the door? mine just pauses and starts again when it's closed again lol

lucidiot 😛 18 days ago

i just added two buttons in Comic Sans MS and an under construction gif to a web app at work.

lucidiot 🥱 19 days ago

had a short burst of energy this morning, but i'm back to the usual tiredness of a typical workday

lucidiot 💡 20 days ago

@dozens The three button microwave that covers all use cases: power, +30 seconds, stop

lucidiot ✏️ 21 days ago

i got to page 22 in a 64-page notebook I started yesterday. damn.

lucidiot 🥰 22 days ago

hugging a blåhaj every few hours is very important self-care

lucidiot ☕️ 22 days ago

here comes another week of praising our lord and savior, the bean juice

lucidiot 😐 23 days ago

feeling meh today, still gonna try to do the things i wanted to do this weekend…

lucidiot 😡 24 days ago

someone stole my phone!

lucidiot ☕️ 24 days ago

i finally managed to have nearly 8 hours of sleep in one go for the first time of the week!

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