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he/him β€” πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

hi! i am a random french person trying out new ways to publish thoughts that never were worth publishing in the first place. you can find other ways to contact me here.


lucidiot πŸ’€ 6 days ago

can't wait for the work week to be over

lucidiot πŸ™‚ 14 days ago

feeling heard by the higher ups for the first time in months at work

lucidiot 😫 24 days ago

so tired i'm starting to feel dizzy…

lucidiot ❀️ 26 days ago

i am Valid

lucidiot β˜•οΈ 31 days ago

only got three hours of sleep last night, may the holy caffeine help me survive this monday

lucidiot 😢 38 days ago

returning to work today, trying to fight the very bad mood of the last few days

lucidiot ❄️ 57 days ago

last day of work for the year

lucidiot πŸ§€ 58 days ago

today is international raclette day!!

lucidiot β˜•οΈ 59 days ago

the good side of working at the office: good coffee. the bad side: no blΓ₯haj

lucidiot ❄️ 63 days ago

winter makes me feel more and more depressed each year…

lucidiot β˜•οΈ 69 days ago

coffee is my lifeline today

lucidiot 🀐 72 days ago

desperately trying to ignore my impostor syndrome

lucidiot 🧐 78 days ago

15.8℃/60.4℉ inside and i'm feeling quite warm, what are you doing body

lucidiot πŸ”₯ 87 days ago

my CPU just reached 97Β°C. electron apps definitely are the future!

lucidiot πŸ™‚ 94 days ago

turns out that i did have a worse mood last week, but i am starting to feel better

lucidiot πŸ™‚ 99 days ago

had a fun 4-day weekend, here's hoping this late monday doesn't ruin my good mood

lucidiot πŸ”₯ 105 days ago

ah yes, of course it's only when they are just about to deploy to prod that someone notices a bug and i get to fix it in a panic

lucidiot πŸ™‚ 107 days ago

let's hope the week goes as well as it started

lucidiot ❀️ 109 days ago

someone thanked me for a thing i did

lucidiot πŸ₯Ή 110 days ago

definitely enjoying this anxiety attack

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