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lovelysweetdream 🥺 386 days ago

i have had no time to work on my website lately... v sad but at least splatoon dlc looks super swag

lovelysweetdream ❤️ 392 days ago

Finally got to start crocheting my best friend's Valentine's gift... It'll def be late but it's looking SO good rn!!!!

lovelysweetdream 🌧️ 394 days ago

First snow of the season for me but it was all just a wet sludge :(

lovelysweetdream 😯 395 days ago

Saw the train this morning when i passed by the station!!!!! Train!!!!!!

lovelysweetdream 🔥 396 days ago

Is it normally 60 degrees in january??? cannot remember a time that I could walk in a tshirt and shorts this time of year :/