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im lucie


loveletterworm 😶 147 days ago

...totally forgot about my site...oops...

loveletterworm 📺 248 days ago

was making ok progress learning godot, but now i'm totally stuck on how to actually play animations in the game...why did i try to do 3d >_<

loveletterworm 😶 252 days ago

The deep fry thermometer was broken. I accidentally fried chicken in soap. My mom insists its fine but I have to live with this forever

loveletterworm 🤒 257 days ago

No more video game remakes please god no more video game remakes We don't need anymore it's fine. We can play all of the video games already

loveletterworm ❄️ 268 days ago

They put kirby in england i think

loveletterworm 📺 272 days ago

umm...test status i guess i can't think of anything to actually say... ^^; i just woke up (it is 2 am)