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cranky but in pink!
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lovecrafts 🌈 6 hours ago

is 48 revenges possible in 2 weeks? no. am i going to try? also no

lovecrafts 🌧️ 1 day ago

i just want to draw but i gotta work </3

lovecrafts 😂 7 days ago

when all ur friends/moots are into the rival ship LOL it's lonely here on CT island

lovecrafts ❤️ 11 days ago

15 years!!!!!!!!!!!

lovecrafts ❤️ 13 days ago

cygne ♥ shes getting such good art

lovecrafts 🥱 14 days ago

overdid it & now im in a brace lolol. will draw slower for a bit ig

lovecrafts 🙂 14 days ago

ive drawn like 10 things in the past 2 days. time to rest my wrist T_T

lovecrafts 🤖 15 days ago

times like these i like working in an office bc i can frick off and draw all day lmao

lovecrafts 🌙 15 days ago

alright enough drawing for one day x_x

lovecrafts 😡 15 days ago

why!!!! i ordered a beauty blender but they sent me a Dell laptop charger wtf

lovecrafts ✨ 16 days ago

160 entries to go thru on my AF hitlist 🤠

lovecrafts ☀️ 33 days ago

gotta catch up on my feed 🏃‍♀️

lovecrafts 🙂 42 days ago

*abuses tf out of gaussian blur*

lovecrafts 🌙 44 days ago

wanna draw wanna draw wanna draw

lovecrafts ✏️ 50 days ago

finally changed my artfight username → saintly (now time to prep some new refs)

lovecrafts 🥱 54 days ago

worked through lunch again oops..

lovecrafts ❄️ 56 days ago

need to go back and shade those adopts on /floriography but..lazy...

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