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louloudi on neocities


louloudi πŸ“– 33 days ago

i keep promising myself i'll work on my website and then. not doing that

louloudi πŸ’” 82 days ago

college is hell but at least its almost finals week

louloudi πŸ™‚ 114 days ago

finally fridayyyyyy cant wait to go back home for spring break and finally get some sleep ^-^

louloudi 😭 117 days ago

i keep getting the feeling my roommate hates me but her bf keeps inviting me out to stuff so like??

louloudi πŸ’€ 123 days ago

my math prof wants to talk about something but won't say what its about until i show up what if i cried

louloudi πŸ™ƒ 128 days ago

it’s storming outside and my class Still wants to meet for a lab what if i cried

louloudi 😴 129 days ago

so tired and so excited to get off work soon so i can sleeppppp