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♂ / 24 / INTJ-T

Amateur programmer, ASL & Deaf Studies student, VR enthusiast


lonelyjuly 🥳 176 days ago

Finally happy with the way my blog looks!

lonelyjuly 🙃 180 days ago

Not sure what to do with my forum website going forward :v

lonelyjuly 🥳 180 days ago

Finally got around to finishing my blog site!

lonelyjuly 😴 194 days ago

working on a new forum website

lonelyjuly 🤔 202 days ago

Been in the groove of learning more about webmastering and such, but I feel like there's so much more that I need to do

lonelyjuly 😇 208 days ago

A lot of stuff has happened since I last updated my status. I got diagnosed with ADHD, started attending college, and finished my website :)

lonelyjuly 🌙 243 days ago

Currently working out the kinks for the site. It's far from being finished, but we're making progress