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lolabee 🧐 20 days ago

waiting for the new CK3 expansion to drop

lolabee ❤️ 30 days ago

happy beltane season everyone!

lolabee 🥱 33 days ago

gosh i can't wait till saturday

lolabee 🌧️ 38 days ago

i can't believe my childhood home will soon become a faint memory

lolabee 💀 40 days ago

i can't sleep

lolabee 🥰 43 days ago

got a first ultrasound and the baby is doing super fine!

lolabee 😯 46 days ago

i think my mom is divorcing her husband of 15 years

lolabee 🤐 47 days ago

i think i just scared someone by trauma dumping

lolabee 😭 49 days ago

lord help me to not subscribe to a monthly sticker box ;-;

lolabee ❤️ 55 days ago

happiness is watching my daughter create stories with my tarot cards

lolabee 🙃 56 days ago

getting the hang on this nausea thing!

lolabee 🧀 63 days ago

eating a block of cheese

lolabee 😡 63 days ago

hearing the government praising themselves on the radio when they just cut again the education budget

lolabee 🥰 64 days ago

"yes, i name you general, powerful princess unicorn kitty demon" (my husband to my daughter while they pretend play)

lolabee 🤒 64 days ago

think i'm down with a stomach bug + morning sickness = despair

lolabee ✏️ 65 days ago

spent all afternoon doodling bugs

lolabee 😎 68 days ago

finally tossed the wintercoat for the jean coat

lolabee 🎬 68 days ago

watched 'girl, interrupted' and i can't believe people are linking lisa with bpd. she is a sociopath. her reactions are not driven by fear.

lolabee 😯 69 days ago

crazy to think the fetus is already the size of a raspberry!

lolabee 💻 69 days ago

down the templeOS holeee.....

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