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littlecloud ❤️ 57 days ago

just joined my first webring :)

littlecloud 💀 76 days ago

Didn't sleep well last night

littlecloud 💻 79 days ago

To do: a dream log on my site

littlecloud 💀 86 days ago

I can't stand my coworkers, I get stressed just by their presence or seeing their faces. I hate these ppl, I can't do this anymore

littlecloud 💤 93 days ago

happy that my new mouse arrived! the click is so soft and silent :)

littlecloud 🥺 97 days ago

tired of feeling anxious. i just want to find my inner peace

littlecloud 🐶 99 days ago

i love my dog, his name is xian xian. he's a small black poodle, my baby is so cute 🖤

littlecloud 🥺 101 days ago

anxious waiting for my tablet. amazon is not updating my order status. but at least my ’24 planner has arrived, can't wait to start using it