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What is The Book Ring?

The Book Ring is a webring designed for bibliophiles on the small web. If you love reading or writing books, this space is for you!
This year, The Book Ring will be making more community-focused expansions to become more than just a webring, so stay tuned and be sure to join and subscribe to these updates to keep up with the latest developments!

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library πŸ™‚ 13 days ago

Massive update on The Book Ring/Library coming soon!

library πŸ“š 13 days ago

Check out what our members are currently reading on the members page! πŸ€“ Already a member? Share your current read with us!

library πŸ“š 129 days ago

Added a Bookish Resources section to The Book Ring featuring great book-related sites, as well as a map to all the Little Free Libraries!

library πŸ“š 134 days ago

What would you like to see implemented in The Book Ring next? πŸ‘€ Cast your vote!

library ✨ 149 days ago

New feature implemented in The Book Ring! Members can now share what they're currently reading in the Members section. β™₯

library πŸ“š 157 days ago

The Library (AKA The Book Ring) is officially up and running at Marigold.Town! Vote on our poll to decide what should be added next! :)