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lexicon πŸ™‚ 32 days ago

Still alive! Working on my website right now and adding new graphics πŸ™‚

lexicon 😢 112 days ago

This week has been way too emotional, I need a fuckin' BREAK

lexicon πŸ₯± 113 days ago

Updating my layout and working on a 4-page paper, all hours have been eepy hours lately

lexicon πŸ™ƒ 130 days ago

Midterms + the disappointment of seeing so much genocide promotion = don't like that

lexicon πŸ₯³ 141 days ago

Three day weekend off, YIPPEE :3

lexicon 😢 305 days ago

I had some dental cavities filled earlier today, and I'm still super numb.

lexicon πŸ₯³ 342 days ago

Going to Fur Squared in a couple of weeks :)

lexicon πŸ”₯ 353 days ago

Hehehe I LOVE blocking bad-faith individuals LOL

lexicon 🌧️ 353 days ago

Can people just not be incredibly disrespectful for a day? I'm sick of getting screamed at for the most minuscule of mistakes lol

lexicon β˜•οΈ 355 days ago

Had so much coffee today, it's time to DO STUFF

lexicon πŸ™‚ 357 days ago

Hi Status.Cafe :)