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This is my site.


leviathren ✨ 47 days ago

working on homepage v4

leviathren 🌙 72 days ago

on a bit of a webmastering hiatus

leviathren ✨ 78 days ago

thank you to the people who have been feeding my gifypet lol

leviathren 📖 91 days ago

finished chain of iron

leviathren 🧋 92 days ago

made my first boba order from scratch today!

leviathren 💤 93 days ago

i feel like this hit counter script im using is counting page refreshes as hits as well... bc that number is way too high

leviathren 🧋 94 days ago

had my first training day today!

leviathren 🌧️ 111 days ago

i love the rain <3

leviathren ✨ 118 days ago

made a seasonal section in my site directory

leviathren 💤 125 days ago

in an attempt to fix my sleep schedule, i have now gotten myself on EST time... (im PST).. great

leviathren 🎱 127 days ago

my site directory window is getting LONG

leviathren 💤 131 days ago

think my xml is jacked up

leviathren ✨ 135 days ago

unlearning my habit of masking even in solitude, and allowing myself to stim when i feel it and wow, it makes me Normal after, who knew!

leviathren 😴 138 days ago

my own code overwhelms me how does it get this messy

leviathren 🤖 144 days ago

trying out a discord chatbox

leviathren 😭 149 days ago

now my theme switcher isn't working on chrome for me ToT but firefox is still working??

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