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i'm leviathren

you can find more of my stuff here


leviathren ✨ 20 hours ago

wake up babe they re-released the De Winton sand-swimming golden mole

leviathren ✨ 1 day ago

how to github?? i think i set it up?? sorry if things break for a bit

leviathren 🌙 2 days ago

uploaded new art and cleaned up code

leviathren 💤 7 days ago

alr alr i'll learn about css grids...

leviathren ✨ 8 days ago

friends joining neocities yippeee!!!!

leviathren 📰 18 days ago

if something looks really janky on my site, clearing cache usually fixes it!

leviathren 🎱 24 days ago

something look broken as fuck? lmk!

leviathren ❤️ 32 days ago

working on a major backend and UI makeover

leviathren 💤 35 days ago

little bit of a hiatus in prep for halloween irl >:)

leviathren 🎤 40 days ago

updated guestbook/comment pages for main site and halloween page!

leviathren 💤 41 days ago

i need to start making my halloween costume

leviathren 💀 46 days ago

updated the halloween page with some treats

leviathren 💤 46 days ago

trying to fall asleep....

leviathren ❤️ 47 days ago

trying to stay awake....

leviathren 🙂 47 days ago

yayy updated my status.cafe page

leviathren 💤 48 days ago

why is my css not updatinggggg ToT

leviathren 💤 55 days ago

need to fix my sleep schedule so bad,, gn