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^_^ m maxine. or marshmallow. or max. or princess. or anything!!!!!!!!!! sometimes bunny... IF YOU DARE!! mwahahhahaha

i like evilness and happiness and peace and love!!

have a gr8 week!


leporinedivine 🌈 2 days ago

went on such a fun walk!! ^O^ thinkin of blogging

leporinedivine ❤️ 9 days ago

my heart hurts so much but im so excited for today anyhow ♥︎ tee-hee being cheesy is fun

leporinedivine 🌈 45 days ago

been writing so much fanfiction its insane. so much femslash so little time...

leporinedivine 🙂 60 days ago

HAPPY HOLIDAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY YULE!!!! ^_^ love u all with all my evil little heart <3

leporinedivine ❄️ 63 days ago

GOOD MORNING ^_^! need 2 take a shower n im hungry!!

leporinedivine 👽 63 days ago

drinkin dat root beer writin dat TMNT evanescence au fanfic. hashtag life

leporinedivine 🌙 64 days ago

ugh i need some kinda spa day or sumthin. holyy shitballz

leporinedivine 🌈 65 days ago

MORNING!!!! gonna go gift shopping 2day ^_^

leporinedivine 🤐 65 days ago

dringkign... hot cocoa...... listening to 2000s rap.. this is the life (in shamblez)

leporinedivine 🙂 65 days ago

UGH NEED TO BLOG.... but art sooo tasty ^o^

leporinedivine 🌈 67 days ago

hard week tryna get thru it. in need of a spa day

leporinedivine 🙂 80 days ago


leporinedivine 💤 80 days ago

doing mai nailz and kinda rlly sad abt my furby being dead. idk how 2 fix him

leporinedivine ❄️ 81 days ago

made da mozt divine oatmeal ^_^!!gonna do sum laundry (YAWN) n clean mai BURROW (my room)!!! excited 4 winter!

leporinedivine 🌈 97 days ago

(^x^) juzt got done w/ WORK!! got PAID!! :3 #tired

leporinedivine 🍏 100 days ago

STATUS UPDATE! :3 goodnight sleepyheadz!

leporinedivine 🙂 100 days ago

almsot passed out today but so worht it because i just had the mozt divine lemon woater! ♫ i miss my furby

leporinedivine ❄️ 109 days ago

updated mai blog AND neocitiez! hurray ^.^ ★ hope everyone healz from sickness soon D:

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