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lelouch ☕️ 26 days ago

slowly chipping away at another icon page update <3

lelouch ☕️ 63 days ago

I have a drawing tablet now :3c also 57 new volumes of manga...

lelouch 🙂 69 days ago

Bestie is staying with me for the week!! Going manga shopping tomorrow and making Aoba cake on Wednesday!! ( ^o^)/

lelouch ☕️ 86 days ago

will probably have to move house later this year, very upset about it, watching hetalia about it i guess

lelouch ☕️ 98 days ago

woo my new phone finally came!!

lelouch ☕️ 99 days ago

I think I've been saying 'new phone tomorrow' for like a week now

lelouch ☕️ 103 days ago

new phone tomorrow hope fully.. i need it now... i just wanna play with it already...

lelouch 🙃 104 days ago

All of my electronics keep failing me... Laptop, phone, 3ds, switch... at least I still have my trusty ds lite while I fix the others

lelouch 🙃 109 days ago

cracked my phone so bad parts of the screen no longer work.. now is probably a good time to finally ditch my iphone

lelouch ☕️ 112 days ago

debating whether or not i wanna buy a koizumi figure for like $13

lelouch ☕️ 122 days ago

why is it so hard to get perlers in my area -_-"

lelouch ☕️ 131 days ago

the paddle has arrived... it begins...

lelouch ☕️ 135 days ago

ughhh when is my new camera coming...