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They/she. Non-binary lesbian. 🏳️‍🌈


leilukin 🥳 14 minutes ago

YAY! TheFanListings.org approved my application to build and run a Cassette Beasts fanlisting!

leilukin ❤️ 12 hours ago

I had a lot of fun with browsing the entries of 32-Bit Cafe's Destination Vacation code jam.

leilukin 💻 2 days ago

Changed the colours of my website's tumbleblog to match my main site.

leilukin 💻 3 days ago

Successfully installed Chyrp Lite on InfinityFree.

leilukin 🥳 5 days ago

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is FINALLY, AT LONG LAST, getting official releases outside Japan!

leilukin 💻 6 days ago

Finally able to get my test custom subdomain on InfinityFree to support HTTPS after applying an SSL certificate on SSL For Free.

leilukin 💻 7 days ago

Tested InfinityFree to host PHP files.

leilukin 💻 8 days ago

Searching and applying for more fanlistings to join.

leilukin 🥳 9 days ago

I joined 32-Bit Cafe!

leilukin ❤️ 10 days ago

tamaNOTchi made me feel nostalgic for virtual pets, so I have created a tamaNOTchi account and my first tamaNOTchi.

leilukin 🤔 11 days ago

The "Secure Connection Failed" problem of Neocities is back again, sigh.

leilukin 💻 12 days ago

Neocities seems to finally return to normal now.

leilukin 💻 13 days ago

Finally finished converting most images on my website to AVIF format to reduce file size and save bandwidth.

leilukin 🤔 14 days ago

Unfortunately, Neocities is still slow to load pages, at least on my end.

leilukin 🤔 16 days ago

Damn, I keep getting "Secure Connection Failed" messages from Firefox when browsing Neocities websites right now.

leilukin 😡 16 days ago

Go away, SEO email spam.

leilukin 💻 17 days ago

Leilukin's Hub finally achieved a perfect Lighthouse score for the first time, after my various efforts in improving my site's performance.

leilukin 💻 19 days ago

Decided to stop updating the Neocities version of my website, so I can focus on managing my site on Git/GitHub and Netlify.

leilukin 😎 20 days ago

Caelan Conrad's latest video about Harry Potter itself being unoriginal makes another fine addition to my anti-HP and anti-JKR master list.

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