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ermm what the scallop


leechkiss 🌈 3 days ago

realized im a lesbian a few days ago and it was so freeing!! peace and love on planet earth

leechkiss 🙂 27 days ago

remember when i was a normal and well-rounded person with varied interests and my thoughts weren't entirely consumed by Some Fucking Guy

leechkiss ✨ 28 days ago

waiting for my skeb request to get approved and trembling like a chihuahua the whole time

leechkiss 🥰 30 days ago

2.2 stream was this morning and seeing so much boothill made me extremely happy. i can't wait!!!

leechkiss ✏️ 32 days ago

so many art ideas and not enough time to draw!!!!

leechkiss 🥳 38 days ago

yippeeee got my account activated!!