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Updates on my "RetroWeb" projects such as Sonic Retro Blast.


lbmixpro 🥺 168 days ago

Loneliness at the library.

lbmixpro ☀️ 169 days ago

Status Cafe is now on the UCANet. Should have been on there a long time ago!

lbmixpro 🙂 176 days ago

@med, your layout requires horizontal scrolling at 1024x768.

lbmixpro 🙂 176 days ago

Should I code #SonicMegaBlast using Old school HTML standards (HTML 3.2+IE3 styles) and style, or should I use new school HTML5 instead?

lbmixpro 🙂 182 days ago

Bleep Boop.

lbmixpro 💾 184 days ago

Just setting up my statcafe.