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Darwin (she/they), game developer from Florida, USA


lavendermochagames ☕️ 22 days ago

Time for more Inn Need bug fixes! I'm hoping this can be the last round.

lavendermochagames ☕️ 25 days ago

I'd made so much progress on the bug list... then one of my best friends visited and I had her play test. Now I have plenty more to squash!!

lavendermochagames ☕️ 36 days ago

Made significant progress on the Inn Need bug list today; all I have left is a few stray bugs to test replicating and then squash!

lavendermochagames ☕️ 37 days ago

I didn't get very far in my bug fixes yesterday, but it's the first day of my spring break, so time to fix that!

lavendermochagames ☕️ 45 days ago

Clocking into fixing beta glitches from Inn Need Build B at 10:15 - let's see how many I can do before midnight!