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YIPPEE hi please check out my site :)


latch ❤️ 13 hours ago

📣📣📣i love spamton deltarune im going to rotate him. in my mind

latch 😡 18 hours ago

WHY is there a keyboard function that closes your whole browser without any confirmation or warning. go straight to hell

latch 😱 22 hours ago

omg nintendo direct tomorrow! tomodachi life for switch please please please please please please please it would make my whole year!!!

latch 🐶 1 day ago

gonna make a deltarune self insert :3c

latch 🔥 2 days ago

burnt out on webbed siting...going to stop for a couple days i think

latch 💀 3 days ago

caved and bought a spamton plush off ebay

latch 🤖 4 days ago

disney+ keeps saying PLAY NEXT EPISODE IN ${remaining_seconds}

latch 🥺 5 days ago

talking spamton plush restock pls

latch 🐶 7 days ago

playing petz for the first time in a while YAYYYY my little animals!! :)

latch 👀 7 days ago

new spongebob game looks fun

latch 🥰 8 days ago

spamton deltarune :)

latch 🌧️ 8 days ago

scared for no reason :(

latch ❤️ 9 days ago

i started The Chillzone one month ago today!...i dont even remember what i used to do all day lol

latch ❤️ 10 days ago

popped in a usb drive looking for something and instead i looked at old minecraft screenshots for half an hour

latch 🤔 10 days ago

thought i saw a weird bird with a fluffy head. but it was an upside down squirrel

latch 😱 10 days ago

omg a new creature breeding game got announced (poglings) holy shit it looks so my jam!!! yay!!

latch 😯 12 days ago

they rebooted mickey mouse clubhouse...i feel so old

latch 🌈 13 days ago

shoveling blinkies into my pockets

latch 💻 14 days ago

waga baba bobo

latch 🎶 14 days ago

its fun to read your shopping list to the tune of we didnt start the fire

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