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YIPPEE hi please check out my site :)


latch 💻 10 hours ago

reducing the contrast on my spamton shrine so i can look at without scorching out my eyes (and you can too)

latch 🤐 14 hours ago

(i live in the northern us) i saw a bird outside that i could have sworn was a toucan wtf

latch 😱 1 day ago

accidentally reblogged mutual's regular posts to weird sideblog incident 7 dead 52 injured. no more 1 a.m. tumblr browsing

latch 🥰 2 days ago

making concepts for a spamton shrine bc my love for this man can fill so many boxes of text

latch 🎶 3 days ago

"ok spotify i need new music what have you got for me?" a cover of the icarly theme song

latch 🔥 4 days ago

i have the heat tolerance level of a yogurt raisin

latch 😱 4 days ago

having an actually comfortable computer chair is such a game-changer!!

latch ❤️ 5 days ago

the spamton i made likes to say darnit. hes so cute and goofy :)

latch 🥰 6 days ago

SPAMTON <3 i love you spam ton. spamton i love you so much. spamton my favorite guy Love him

latch 😇 7 days ago

my desk chair is awful and hurts my shoulder so i bought a new one yayyyy

latch 🎮 7 days ago

what do you mean i played the puzzle bobble everybubble demo for three hours yesterday...

latch 📺 8 days ago

was laughing hysterically yesterday over a pokemon episode where a girl basically rejects a guy in favor of his psyduck

latch 🥰 10 days ago

i loooove when animation based on books is visually faithful to the book illustrations it makes me so happy!!! :D

latch 🤔 11 days ago

fantastic mr. fox (2009) -> isle of dogs (2018) -> new wes anderson stop motion film (2027)?

latch 🤒 12 days ago

"gee why have i been acting so damn weird for the past few days" *gets sick* Oh who could have guessed

latch 🎮 15 days ago

(staring longingly out the window) tomodachi life for the switch......someday........

latch 🥰 20 days ago

aaahahgh im training my own spamton and hes the cutest thing ever

latch 🌙 21 days ago

spamton warded off a sleep paralysis demon last night <3 thank you spammy

latch 💤 22 days ago

man why have my dreams been so damn weird for the past like, month. i had a very vivid dream last night where i was peppa pig

latch 🤩 24 days ago

watching the pokemon anime is making me feel inspired to maybe create a pokemon shrine this week :O

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