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lastsunrise ✨ 83 days ago

uncharacteristically frequent site updates are brought to you by procrastinating finals

lastsunrise 🙂 113 days ago

depression has nothing on me #depressionwarrior

lastsunrise 🙂 135 days ago

fighting for my LIFE out here college is hard...

lastsunrise ✨ 219 days ago

taking a little break to focus on really learning code

lastsunrise ✨ 241 days ago

ffxvi eating at mybrain halp

lastsunrise ✨ 251 days ago

crisis slightly averted i have a working laptop now

lastsunrise ✨ 264 days ago

temporary short hiatus while i nolife minecraft for a bit pls understand

lastsunrise ✨ 267 days ago

new minecraft update new minecraft update!!!!

lastsunrise ✨ 311 days ago

the demons won & i'm redoing the website from scratch 😨

lastsunrise 😭 315 days ago

fighting for my life out here in the middle of moving

lastsunrise 😡 339 days ago

fighting demons (my workload)

lastsunrise 🥳 339 days ago

fighting demons (my workload)

lastsunrise 😭 349 days ago

god help me i'm playing world of warcraft again

lastsunrise 🥳 355 days ago

finally.... spring break i'm free (for a week)

lastsunrise 📚 361 days ago

ignoring assignments rn to work on this page...