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lapislabel 📺 1 day ago

Reminder to watch the Donkey Kong Country TV show. The animation takes getting used to, but some of the story, songs and humor are fire!

lapislabel 🥱 4 days ago

Woke up a little earlier to take the dogs out. Today's my last day! Can't wait to see my cats again.

lapislabel 🐶 9 days ago

Got a week-long job dog sitting that's gonna pay me handsomely! Luckily, the checklist is simple, so I can still get other stuff done.

lapislabel 🥱 31 days ago

how can a little guy such as myself, have their proper amount of caffeine and still feel like a sleepy little fella?

lapislabel 🤔 42 days ago

I love freshwater for rivers and carp, and I love saltwater for the reefs and sharks. I can't possibly pick one over the other!

lapislabel 🥺 49 days ago

*sighhh* ...I miss my Webkinz, Tails. I miss them a lot.

lapislabel 🎬 53 days ago

Another Star Wars trilogy has been announced!!! AND it sounds Promising??? More @ 11.

lapislabel 🎶 54 days ago

THAT'S HOW MUCH I FEEELLLL (feel for you babyyy) HOW MUCH I NEEDDDD (i need your touchhh) HOW MUCH I LIVEEE (i live for your lovinnn)

lapislabel ✨ 55 days ago

We got a! Let's goooo!!!!

lapislabel 🙃 55 days ago

I'm working on coding a link directory when I should probably eat dinner. My hands are also freaking freezing.