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I'm a digital/traditional artist who codes on the side!

Layout inspired by @skykristal

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lapislabel 🎮 129 days ago

in case it hasn't already been known, i have recently rekindled my skylanders fixation, and i am going to make it everyone's problem.

lapislabel 💻 145 days ago

apparently adding a space within my javascript restored responsiveness to the navigation bar??? merry christmas mobile users I GUESS?????

lapislabel 🙂 148 days ago

which one of you heathens was gonna tell me about "helvetica aqua aero"? and why is the aesthetic specifically tailored to me DEAR GOD???

lapislabel ✨ 160 days ago

HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY NEOCITIES !!!!! I may not have a new layout to show, but I'm working on some new pages in the background. Stay tuned!

lapislabel 😯 200 days ago

am i hallucinating or did youtube always have a cue where whenever a youtuber said subscribe, the button starts glowing like sauron's ring?

lapislabel 👀 245 days ago

okay. this may be controversial. but basil from the great mouse detective is gender envy. (so is ratigan.) I DON'T MAKE THE RULES.

lapislabel ✨ 291 days ago

I HAVE A JOB NOW!!! Let's hope I can set aside enough time and energy for my art. Posting's gonna be iffy. We'll see what happens.

lapislabel 💻 318 days ago

Gifmakers should be given more credit and should be treated with respect.

lapislabel 🌈 321 days ago

On one hand, cosplaying as King Dedede for my pride fest would be based. On the other hand, it's summer. And the coat is gonna be so so hot.

lapislabel ✨ 324 days ago

I got a K. Rool plush yesterday, and now I'm getting a shirt in the mail! What a time to be autistic.

lapislabel 🌧️ 328 days ago

Either I'm dehydrated, hungry, tired or it's because of the shitty weather; but everything is draining me the hell out.

lapislabel 🎬 329 days ago

Welp, Across the Spider-verse is one of the only movies to make me cry. I hope they take their time to make Beyond the absolute best!

lapislabel 💻 336 days ago

Since I figured out a way to change my layout, I'll have to find a new profile pic to match... (¬‿¬)

lapislabel 🎨 338 days ago

Man, my shrine page looks empty. I'm making art for it to replace the bland links. At least for Kirby. Always for Kirby.

lapislabel 📺 355 days ago

Reminder to watch the Donkey Kong Country TV show. The animation takes getting used to, but some of the story, songs and humor are fire!

lapislabel 🥱 357 days ago

Woke up a little earlier to take the dogs out. Today's my last day! Can't wait to see my cats again.

lapislabel 🐶 362 days ago

Got a week-long job dog sitting that's gonna pay me handsomely! Luckily, the checklist is simple, so I can still get other stuff done.

lapislabel 🥱 385 days ago

how can a little guy such as myself, have their proper amount of caffeine and still feel like a sleepy little fella?

lapislabel 🤔 396 days ago

I love freshwater for rivers and carp, and I love saltwater for the reefs and sharks. I can't possibly pick one over the other!

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