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_(:3」∠)∟ i'm tired


lapin 🌱 20 days ago

rip to not even 10 years lol

lapin 🙃 124 days ago

hidradenitis flare up..... at least this one was quick, flared up today and open wound tonight 😭

lapin 🌙 142 days ago


lapin 😭 152 days ago

no one's gonna find this but i wish i could like ffxiv again lol

lapin 🎮 153 days ago


lapin 🌱 182 days ago

wow i forgot about this place again,,,

lapin ☕️ 485 days ago

i forgot about this site

lapin 🎮 640 days ago

gaming alongside the bae <3

lapin 🙂 640 days ago

[hacker's voice] i'm in