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lainofthewired πŸ”₯ 9 hours ago

I've kick-started a Ko-Fi store and been upkeeping it, along with working out my calves + lats. I feel refreshed.

lainofthewired ✏️ 101 days ago

Been obsessively playing Identity V. I missed Luchino's character day, but I have something in the works.

lainofthewired πŸ™‚ 177 days ago

Anyone want to play Identity V with me?

lainofthewired πŸ™‚ 186 days ago

I love collecting quarters. I have a bank shaped like a London postbox and everytime I fill it, I get $30 USD

lainofthewired 🌧️ 187 days ago

I can’t live the peaceful and friendly life I want. I can’t seem to go outside at all.

lainofthewired 😑 191 days ago

I hate ACDC Rag. I was curious about their bondage pants and they're not only unflattering, but so scratchy...! Even the buckles feel cheap.

lainofthewired πŸ™‚ 193 days ago

Got back to my room with a $200 worth haul. Excited to style my new pair of Acryl Agitt pants and eventually post them onto the wardrobe.

lainofthewired πŸ€” 201 days ago

I finished cleaning out my closet. I should collect more hats and waistcoats.

lainofthewired 😴 203 days ago

Currently working on a collection of poster designs. I'd like to be commissioned soon.