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mavka # 24 # it/its/itself OR það/því/þess


lagoons 🛼 11 days ago

i love being a boygirl i am finally getting comfortable with myself lol

lagoons 💡 15 days ago

i WILL work on my website again soon. i WILL!!!!

lagoons ✨ 30 days ago

!! spring equinox is upon us !! <3

lagoons 🌱 31 days ago

i cant wait to get my altar in the new place set up and start all my plants on the balcony :,)

lagoons 🌙 33 days ago

successfully finished the move, now getting settled in 2 the new place. i already love it here

lagoons 💤 43 days ago

im rlly excited for our move but oh my gods im so over packing

lagoons ☀️ 47 days ago

ostara is coming up!!! :D

lagoons 🌧️ 52 days ago

struggles genderly